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Thewebnoise is a website about computers, new technologies, science curiosities, and entertainment. 
It was founded in March 2021 as a performance ranking for people fascinated by computer hardware and testing the performance of components.
This is how the most extensive collection of smart technology global (founder of the website) in the global network was created. Over the next years,
testers-fascinated joined the editorial office, developing new sections and gaining more and more readers.

Today, the portal serves its readers the most interesting news from the  manufacturing industry in almost every field,
hardware tests and reviews, comparisons, performance rankings, buyers’ guides, and polls for the best products.
Editors with many years of experience write to various departments: Computers, Mobile, Games, Gadgets, Photo, RTV, Food.


Thewebnoise inspired by our Facebook community established in 2016, There are lots of geek influencer and we are among them & represent to different-different nation,
We highly influenced by Technology and its development, Its big group, there almost 28000 participation and 7 people are permanently maintaining to this group.
While Thewebnoise is extended version of Facebook community there People also invite to share own thought and through the part of website can spread news about new technology.
Both readers who do not have any knowledge and who are only looking for professional advice and purchasing
support will find themselves on the web noise.

Readers who like to follow only interesting technological innovations, as well as the most advanced enthusiasts, as well as professionals and professionals.
We run a Facebook channel for readers who have the greatest distance to new technologies and who like news presented in a humorous way.
On the other hand, for professionals, small and medium-sized companies, we have dedicated a special group section.


Modern forum,We established at facebook Page "Smart Technology Global -Tech Post" administered by professionals and moderated by the community, 
is a great place to exchange opinions, gain knowledge. and pursue your interests.


What can you find on THEWEBNOISE-TWN?

On the pages of TWN you will find mainly:

  • News – daily fresh information from the TECHNOLOGY section and the world from the IT market.
  • Attractive competitions with correct information.
  • Tests and reviews – reviews of the newest products appearing on the market, comparative tests, short glances at interesting products, columns and discussions, beginner’s guides, technical articles.
  • TOP 5/10 – recommendations and the most interesting products in each category. The guide is especially useful for all those who plan to make purchases. We write about what features to pay attention to and why they are important. 
  • Forum – a place for free and unfettered discussions for website users on the Facebook page smart technology global-Techpost.
  • Performance rankings – an extensive database of graphics card processors allows you to compare chips and cards from selected manufacturers. Chip specification, theoretical performance, and other useful information.
  • Video – reviews, unboxing, and everything that cannot be described can be seen in the film
  • Tips & Tricks - Find the solution and tricks to use gadgets and solve geek puzzles.


Smart technology global group

Effective Date: June 14, 2020

Email us: info@techieness.org

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 Mumbai, Maharashtra, 401203, INDIA

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#306  Ponte Adriatico, Bari, Italy #103

As a quick Disclaimer- We do not sell any product and offer to visitors, we only provide news related to technology.