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Xiaomi from realme or Apple to Xiaomi-who is copying to whom, Copy cat story in 2021

Xiaomi from realme or Apple to Xiaomi-who is copying to whom, Copy cat story in 2021

Xiaomi from realme or Apple to Xiaomi-who is copying to whom, Copy cat story in 2021

Why Xiaomi has forgotten own old day when used to copy Samsung and Apple specs and design ,

Lots of chinese brand only grow over Samsung, LG ,Sony, apple designed only .

Xiaomi from realme or Apple to Xiaomi-who is copying to whom, Copy cat story in 2021

Copy Cat Story

  • Realme’s new initiatives are similar in nature to the ones announced by Xiaomi.
  • This is not the first time that a Xiaomi representative has described Realme as a copycat brand.
  • Realme CEO Madhav Sheth is believed to have taken an indirect dig at Xiaomi back in 2019 when he said “We don’t sell ads, we sell phones.”

Xiaomi and Realme have an intense rivalry that goes way back, especially when it comes to India. But it seems like Xiaomi has had enough and is now pointing out the things that the brand thinks Realme has copied from its own initiatives. Sneha Tainwala, Director, Redmi Business, tweeted on Wednesday to point out how Realme copied Xiaomi’s Mi Fan Festival idea with its Realme Fan Festival and then announced Realme Entrepreneurship Program, which also seems inspired by Xiaomi India’s Grow with Mi initiative. While the tension between these brands has only grown over the years with competing products in the mid-range category, it seems like the war of words is getting fierce at this point. Have a look at what Tainwala had to say about Realme’s new initiatives yourself.

Tweet on Realme Fan Festival:

Tweet on the entrepreneur program:

In the past, Xiaomi mocked Realme over its Realme 3 Pro smartphone

Xiaomi India chief Manu Kumar Jain on Tuesday trolled its rival Realme by calling it a copycat brand and also shared a comic video. This is not the first time that both the companies clashed and got into an argument.

Earlier this month  Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi India CEO again started an argument by calling its Rival company Realme a copycat brand. He tweet reads, “Funny! A copy-cat brand mocks us. Later this brand brings ads & some ppl start blaming us. Most brands push ads but only Xiaomi is bashed. Because we’ve been transparent about our business model. If any journalist wants to understand our internet business, I’m happy to talk!”

Further adding fuel to this Head of Online Partner Sales at Xiaomi India shared a video via its Twitter account humiliating Realme. The tweet reads, “One of our fans sent this hilarious video about the #CopyCat brand. Fans sab jaante hain. I would say this to our friends – “Copying can only take you this far!”#नकल छोड़ो! थोड़ी अपनी #अकल लगाओ!”

The shared video is from an episode from Mr. Bean which depicting Mr. Bean as Realme, which is trying to copy the answer from his classmate during an examination. The video illustrated that Realme tried to copy all the features as well as the marketing strategies of Xiaomi.

To this took to Twitter today and tweeted, “A real innovative brand and market leader won’t behave like that. Basic dignity and ethics should be maintained no matter how insecure you are of your competitor’s growth. We will focus on making #realme the best in 2020. Rest is their choice, we don’t bother.”


What was happened in past –

if you read this article “The copycat now wants to lead.” published in 2016, you will find lots of news over the web, for a while in one sentance can say more than 10

times its happened .

Ever since Xiaomi entered the landscape of technology, if there’s one tag it has never been able to shed is that of being an Apple ‘copycat’. So much so that it was once called “China’s Apple” and its vice-president at that time Hugo Barra even said, “I think it’s great that Apple took existing ideas that were very good and added their design twist on top.. That’s what they do. That’s what we do.” Yet, the striking resemblances in what Xiaomi does with Apple has already done. Jonny Ive, Apple’s main designer, had even indirectly accused Xiaomi of being “lazy” and what they do as “theft”. While we don’t want to get into the debate of what’s theft and who’s lazy, here we list out X Xiaomi that are heavily ‘inspired’ by Apple products.
So I am just asking who is copied to whom?
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