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What Kind of Technology Geek you Are? Find out for Yourself in 2021

What Kind of Technology Geek you Are? Find out for Yourself in 2021

From the beginning of time, beyond the Game Boy Color and the pager, the walkman and Polaroid, even before superstition and swords ruled everything, there were people who were already called “Technology Geeks” by some people…

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Do you have a “Technology “such as  wifi-enabled router, Roku-streaming app, Oled tv in each room, shuffle a nos of smartphones of each sort and shading in addition to 5 diverse sized tablets, and, only for kicks, as to confound individuals by talking in parallel? Or then again do you simply using all your gadgets to your children and request that they make the  so-and-so playing with the  so-and-so?

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From the good ‘old days, past the Game Kid Tone and the pager, the walkman and Polaroid, even before odd notion and blades administered everything,

There were individuals who were at that point called “Technology Nerds” by certain individuals

Their affection for new advancements drove them to quickly buy any new creations and, obviously, to gloat about them. Hundreds of years of advancement have not taken out them from the immense and cut dividers of history,

They have adjusted flawlessly and presently we can nearly say that they are among the extraordinary larger part of our colleagues and companions.

They’re willing to pass judgment on you in case you’re as yet a simple person, and they’ll generally attempt to convince you to get your head around innovation.

Do we like them? Indeed, we do! Since they are consistently near and prepared to assist us with our inquiries concerning the best antivirus arrangement or the cost of the new shrewd specially designed watch.

One of the ways of discovering the amount you think about innovation is to discover what sort of innovation nerd you are.

Technology Geek: The Pointer

technology geek: the pointer

In the event that you attempt to make your own natively constructed wi-fi waves at home and you get the new stuff even before the arrival of the task of a multi-million dollar organization in the USA or Japan then you are a “Pointer”.

Everybody has acknowledged now that mechanical developments can become habit-forming and reliant and a dream on which the joy of many individuals depends.

Everybody has their own pastimes, and assuming yours is the “latest contraption”,

That is your business. From here we might want to communicate our sentiments and trust that you will allow us to get any of those contraptions that characterize you. That would be decent.

Technology geek: The Retro

In case you’re important for that alliance that the youthful Recent college grads have framed with the astute individuals from Age X to encircle themselves with the nostalgic innovation of the eighties and nineties, then, at that point, you’re one of the “Retro” geeks.

Vinyl records, computer games, simple cameras, the ZX Range microcomputer, a camcorder of the size of a human child…

On the off chance that you must be restricted with tapes and assuming you utilize your number one VHSs, you disapprove of the past.

It is possible that you were there and you need to come back or perhaps you want to be brought into the world in those days with more brutal kid’s shows on television!

I don’t figure the interest in that period will at any point disappear, and dislike the 1980s or 1990s will at any point return,

However we’ve understood that, for reasons unknown, the more computerized innovation pushes ahead presently, the more prominent the worth of the innovation of that time.

Technology geek: The Video-gamer

technology geek: the video gamer

The Video gamers or the Gamers are not quite the same as would be expected computer game players fundamentally on the grounds that they truly play with an exceptional compulsion.

With a ton of commitment, gnawing their lips and annihilating the joystick with their aspiration to get to a higher level.

Their folks and accomplices care about them and the measure of time they give to it. They think of expressions like, “Kindly, child, will you go out and get some sun?

Any other way you’ll go visually impaired!”.

But leave them alone, practically we all have been there and we know the amount we love a game control center and how important our broad information on cool characters is.

Give yourself 1 point for every one of the accompanying abilities that you have:

  • Do you Have a Facebook account
  • Have you  utilized your security settings on your Facebook account
  • Have you untagged an image of yourself on your Facebook account
  • Would you be able to append a report to an email
  • Have you neglected to append a report to an email despite the fact that you said you would in the email bringing about a subsequent email with the genuine connection
  • Did you Text with smiley faces
  • Did you Text with smiley appearances to some unacceptable individual
  • Have you Responded to a smiley face text not implied for you with a sad demeanor
  • Have you Walked away from a PC as opposed to tossing it out the window

Give yourself 2 focuses for every one of the accompanying abilities that you have:

  • Talk familiar Klingon
  • Can discuss Pi to the twelfth decimal spot
  • Can sing each melody from Monty Python and the nirvana. In exactly the same words. Without a misstep.
  • Never went to a ball game
  • Knows what Linux is
  • Own something like one Atari T-shirt
  • You peruse eBay to some extent two times every day.… searching for a functioning Commodore 64
  • You’ve attempted to move a jar of pop with your psyche
  • You’ve addressed the Rubik’s Cube… without eliminating the stickers or splitting it up
  • Matching up your loved ones’ new cell phones to their email
  • Twofold Points: Avoiding matching up your loved ones’ new cell phones to their email

Write down what each of the following abbreviation stands for. Give yourself 1 point for each acronym you actually know. (No Google search!)

  • ATM  –        Automated teller machine
  • DVR  –        Digital Video Recorder
  • USB  –        Universal Serial Bus
  • HTML-       Hypertext Markup Language
  • CRT –          Cathode Ray Tube
  • AFK –          Away from keyboard
  • IP    –          Internet Protocol
  • XML –         extensible markup language
  • DVD-          Digital versatile disc
  • RAM –        Random-access memory
  • VOIP-         Voice over Internet Protocol
  • CDMA-      Code-division multiple access

LOLROTFL-         Laugh out loud

Since you have done , here’s the way you can actually look at your score yourself.

For Step 1:

1 point for each A

2 focuses for each B

3 focuses for each C

4 focuses for each D.

All out that score. Then, at that point, include your focuses from Section 2 and Section 3.

Presently add every one of the 3 areas together for your last score. The diagram underneath will let you know how you rank among nerds!

Your Score Your Geek Factor

0-5 Your modem actually makes great when you dial into your AOL email account.

6-15 The main iPod yours own doesn’t have a touch screen.

16-30 You’re a normal nards who claims an Iron Man streak drive.

31-40 You wish they had make backdrop out of dry eradicate sheets.

41+ You have phenomenal knowledge  of the Geeks. All will bow before your incomparable information on making PCs converse with printers.

Technology geek: The IT Friend

Indeed, the person who is tired of being the “PC Companion”, whom you bring in the night to repair something and who lives in his room among PCs.

At some point, he says, “Hello, I know something about PCs, come on. I can change equipment, I can arrange a couple of things, I can even program. Yet, all things considered, the fundamentals,

I manage the continuous projects, etc. All things considered, this makes him the best divine force of innovation, converted into your dumbfounded language. You can change channels with simply a flicker of an eye, or even unblock the DVD.

“You believe he’s mastered all that he thinks about PCs since he has a fat button like the one on the PC, that when you press it will stack up with information and answers for your concerns.

However, this is as a long way from reality as it gets; they have squandered innumerable hours of their lives putting away information on the huge knolls of the Web and its gatherings, counseling manuals, and deteriorating PCs, piece by piece.

Try not to belittle them, and obviously, don’t utilize them just for your motivation: they are an overall resource.

Also, since you know these 4 sorts of innovation nerds, what might be said about becoming acquainted with something different?

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The Techieness team will be delighted to help you!

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