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No 1 reads my Blog!” The new blogger what to do ?

No 1 reads my Blog!” The new blogger what to do ?

This article dedicated to all our new friend who just started blogging and now seeking for traffic while not getting after sharing at different different social media.

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This article dedicated to all our new friend who just started blogging and now seeking for traffic while not getting after sharing at different different social media.

 As new blogger we always asking to self-

  1.  Where done mistake – Following your niche?
  2.  Why People not read my blog- Writing Related content ?
  3.  Is my blog not reach to related reader-Sharing with social media and working do well on SEO?

Here will find all the answer in very short simple language, I am not going to confuse you, You just need to follow the check point and tips , definitely you will get some success.

No one reads my Blog!" The new blogger what to do

New blog

Lets Start with Blogging Tips – The new Blogger life’s Journey-

Choose Topic -Niche

? Where done mistake, Check your topic is related to your blog title (Domain).

On which topic to create a blog or write a blog on, it is not understood and you are looking for the right topic for your blog, then today through this post 20 Best Topic For Blogging, This is Topic Ideas to give higher CPC rate for blogging. Along with this, choosing the right blog topic is considered the first step to success.

In other words, the right niche of the blog encourages a blogger to write. If you make your blog on the right topic and work hard on it, then soon you can become a successful blogger.

Best Niche for Blogging

If your Title is Lifestyle –

Lifestyle is about the activities happening in daily life, as well as how people maintain their daily routine in the busy life of today’s race.

This is a big niche in which you can cover many topics. If you want to start a blog on this topic, then first of all do a good research on it and see how many ideas you get inside it. And then find the keywords related to the topics and then start writing the blog. Here are some of its top keywords.

How to live life, what things are necessary to do in your daily routine, how to use money for profit, how parents give right guidance to their children. How to control Frustration, Yoga is an important part of life, Meditation, Depression, Personal Financial advice, and many more…

If Your Title is Food-

The desire to eat good food is there in everyone, Food Niche is the topic of preparing a recipe. If you are interested in cooking and have good experience then you are better for this niche. This is a highly searched topic on Google and if women want to start a blog on this niche then it is a very profitable topic for them. And also work on this topic on youtube as well.

If your Title is Personal Development-

Personal development is a niche that is based on the personal life of the people and every person wants to improve his personality, and also want to grow his maturity level.

If you are interested in this topic and you have good knowledge then you can try on this topic. And if you are also a good speaker then you can create a youtube channel and upload your video content there, it can become an extra income source for you.

If your Title is Product reviews-

Today, people consider it necessary to know the details of the product before taking any item, whether the person is buying the product online or buying it from the shops. But they definitely like to see product reviews.

If you are planning to start blogging then this topic for blog can give you many keywords like Mobile, LED TV, Washing machine, Refrigerator review and many more topics can be covered in this niche.

If your Title is  Event Blogging-

If you want to start a blog on Event Blogging, then you have to prepare your content in advance. And a few days before the event comes near, the post has to be published and do SEO well.

If you are hearing about event blogging for the first time, then it is blogging done on any festival like Deepawali, Christmas, Holi, New Year, Eid, Raksha Bandhan, Ganpati puja, etc. Now you can work on these niches according to you. Like you can give information about festivals, why they are celebrated or you can make Quotes on them.

A feature of event blogging is that the search volume is high on their keywords and in such a situation, if you manage to rank even a single post on the first page of google, then your blog can get a lot of traffic.

If your Title is Online Computer Course-

Online computer course is the best niche for blog as it is still not well known in the blogging field. Today many people are busy in their daily routine and it is not possible for them to learn from anywhere. And they want to learn computer courses online sitting at home.

If you help people to learn computer related courses online, then you can make a big contribution to the online world. Such as Computer Basic Guide, MS-Office, Adobe Photoshop, Internet surfing & Browsing, etc.

If your Title is  Health-

This is a popular niche, in today’s growing population, every day older people or children get sick and they want to take care of their fitness. Almost the whole world has gone online and people are also worried about their health related problems and they also find solutions online. This is a niche in which people, whether Indian or American, have problems with health and fitness. Now think how much traffic this topic can give to your blog.

If you have good experience in health and fitness then you can start with a health and fitness related micro niche blog ideas, But you should take special care of one thing on this topic that never give wrong information to the people, today many bloggers are working on this niche. But they are more focused in promoting someone else’s product through affiliate link, but you should not do the same thing, you should give more focus people information about health related problems.

If your Title is Personal Finance-

You must have heard people often saying that how to do money-saving, people definitely want to keep some money in their earned money for future. So why not start a blog on this topic and help people save their money. And it’s a good idea to share your knowledge with people. Money matters to almost every people in the world and every person wants to earn money but saving money is a challenging one for them. So you can become a financial advisor for them.

If your title is Biography Blog-

If you are interested in reading biography of Popular and Celebrities or like to know about them on YouTube, then you must write about them on your blog.

This is the most interesting niche in the entertainment world and readers are always curious to know about them. It can give more traffic to your blog and it is a great topic idea to build your blogging career.

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Few others Topic you can choose and check with your Blog site Domain.

1. Blogging Tips  2.Technology 3.Social Media 4.Buying Tips or Buying guide 5.Question and Answer Blogs

 6.Relationships 7.Fashion 8.Education 9.Content Marketing 10.Kids Story 11.Motivational & Inspirational Stories

No one reads my Blog!" The new blogger what to do

No one reads my Blog!” The new blogger what to do

? Why People not read my blog, Write amazing content-

First and foremost, your content needs to be amazing. There are way too many blogs out there with mediocre content. Yours needs to be better.

There are several different ways to write blog content — and some may prove more effective than others. Consider these types of posts to provide value to your audience and keep them coming back for more.

  • Content roundups: A content roundup  an authoritative post that lists the top 100 or another number of your choice whatevers (people, products, pieces of advice, podcasts, photos, websites, etc.) in your industry or niche — is an excellent tactic to send traffic your way, create authority and build lasting relationships.
  • Weekly or monthly features: Developing a regular feature, whether weekly or monthly, is a great way to let your audience know what consistency they can expect from you.

For example, every Sunday I post a feature on my blog called “Start Your Week Right Sunday” where I highlight five to seven awesome links I found throughout the week and share my goals for the week ahead. It gives me the chance to highlight other awesome bloggers (like the content roundup idea above) and gives me at least one post idea per week to keep the content flowing.

  • Personal posts: When it comes to blogging, don’t be afraid to get personal. When you open up and allow yourself to be vulnerable, you show your audience you’re human. It will be easier to develop true relationships with your audience if you are willing to share it all: The good, the bad and everything in between.
  • Massively useful guides or how-to posts: Creating a tell-all guide or an epic how-to post is a simple way to gain credibility and help your audience by giving them information they need to know at the same time. These types of posts tend to do well over time because they usually rank high in search.

? Is my blog not reach to related reader? Spend just as much time marketing your content as you do writing it-

Once you publish a blog post, the work is far from over. The only way people are going to know you have new content is if you tell them!

Time to put on your marketing hat-

Follow the “rule of three”: When you create a piece of content, promote your new piece of content in at least three different places, at minimum, to make the writing worth your while and to ensure your content is actually being read.

Here are some places you can share your content:

  • Facebook: Share your post on your personal page, on your brand page if you have one, and in relevant Facebook groups where sharing is allowed.
  • Twitter: Draft several different versions of tweets to promote one post. Use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule tweets far into the future to ensure your post is being promoted over a longer period of time.
  • Instagram: Post a relevant photo or blog graphic on Instagram and change the link in your Instagram profile to the link of the blog post you’re currently promoting.
  • LinkedIn: Create a status update or consider republishing part of the post using LinkedIn’s powerful publishing platform. Include a link back to your site at the beginning and end of the post to let readers know where the content originally appeared.
  • Pinterest. Include a photo or graphic with each post so that your content is Pinterest-friendly. Pin your posts to a specific blog board or other relevant board within your Pinterest account.
  • Snapchat: If you’re active on Snapchat, take a photo of your blog post or create a short video talking about your latest post and encouraging viewers to check out your blog.

Figure out simple SEO-

I’m no SEO expert, but knowing basic principles can help you think differently when crafting blog post headlines and content to help your post rise in search rankings.

There are easy things you can do to help your SEO, like choosing a keyword, crafting straightforward headlines, adding images to your post, and using numbers, subheads or bullets for easy reading.

If you’re using WordPress, add a plugin like Yoast SEO  or Rank math SEO to help your post perform better in Google’s eyes. Plugin allows you to preview what your post will look like on Google and allows you to select a keyword and change a post’s meta title and description to help boost your post on search.

You can Consider guest blogging on sites you admire-

Guest blogging is perhaps one of the top ways to get people to actually read your blog.

When you write a guest post for another blog, you’re opening yourself up to a whole new audience of people who don’t yet know who you are, but will likely head over to check out your website if they like your guest content.

Be smart about where you pitch a guest post. Naturally, you want the blog you’re pitching to have a larger and more established audience than your own. When your pitch is accepted, make sure you write an awesomely useful post and if allowed, link back to your website or relevant posts you’ve written.

Once the post is published, be sure to share it as diligently as you’d share your own content and get to know that community by participating in the discussion in the comments section.

Similar to guest posting, consider pitching your already-written blog posts to other blogs and websites that are open to republishing or syndicating content. If you write a post you’re proud of, seek another home for that post on a blog that may introduce your work to people who are good candidates for your own community.


Have other ideas to get people to read your blog? Let’s hear them in the comments!