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This 1 malware is capable of hijacking your smartphone :Be careful

This 1 malware is capable of hijacking your smartphone :Be careful

New Android trojan malware TangleBot can do much more than steal passwords

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New Android trojan malware “TangleBot” is one of the most dangerous yet, can completely take over phones.

This malware is capable of hijacking your smartphone :Be careful


It’s always a good idea to think a few times before clicking on a link from an SMS. Especially that such a moment of inattention can have dire consequences.

What will happen when the user enters such a link?

After selecting the dialog boxes, the malicious website will install malware on your smartphone.

You will say that Adobe discontinued Flash support in December 2020, and it has not been working on mobile devices since more or less 2012 – now ask your friends if they have any knowledge about it. I’m pretty sure most of them won’t even know what’s going on.


If TangleBot tricked a smartphone user into installing malware on their device, it would be really bad.

The program is able to take over the phone, gain access to audio and video from the microphone and camera, it will be able to browse visited websites and access the list of entered passwords.

For this, extract data from text messages and basically everything that we store on the smartphone.

TangleBot may also grant itself permission to modify device configuration settings and allow other people to view your GPS location data.

What’s more, TangleBot stands out from other malware, for example thanks to its advanced encryption and masking features.

The program uses the most modern technologies of hiding activity, 

This malware is capable of hijacking your smartphone :Be careful


Malware can also block and make a phone call, which can lead to the purchase of a premium service – exactly the one we have been warned about for years. In addition, access to biometric voice identification data can be used to impersonate the owner of a smartphone.


How  TangleBot works ?

As you can see, the consequences of installing TangleBot can be dire, so it is worth paying a lot of attention to, among other things, the received SMS. 

The principle “I don’t know what’s going on, I never click on a link” should be forever lived and passed on to friends. And I understand that many people laugh at people who click on such links.

But I perfectly understand that someone may have important matters on their minds, and the information about underpayment for electricity or a power outage looks like sent by the energy supply company.

Surely everyone has clicked something too quickly and didn’t think 3 times if they really should. 

And I am talking about conscious people, because they also fall victim to extortions or accidentally install malware. 

The distraction and the head in the clouds does its job, and the consequences can be dire. 

Whereas persons, who are not interested in the subject of computer or smartphone security at all, have even more difficulty, because the level of their trust is definitely higher than that of a fully conscious user. 

Therefore, they can quickly fall victim to malware and cause themselves huge problems. 

And since today we keep a lot of important data on our smartphone, including banking applications, we should show increased caution and the greatest possible lack of trust in the messages we receive – be it in the form of text messages or e-mails.


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