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Try Motorola’s latest midrange “moto G10” and “moto G30” 2021 How different with design?

Try Motorola’s latest midrange “moto G10” and “moto G30” 2021 How different with design?

HIGHLIGHTS Moto G30 and G10 Power have launched in India Moto G30 comes with Snapdragon 662, 90Hz display, and a 5,000mAh battery Moto G10 Power specifications include a 6,000mAh battery, Android 11 OS, and 20W charging

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 I tried using the “moto g10” (hereinafter g10) and “moto g30” (hereinafter g30) released by Motorola Mobility Japan on March 26th. The “moto g” series is a hot seller of the company, and there are midrange models with excellent cost performance. Previously, the numbers “g7”, “g8”, and “g9” represented the generation, but this season the numbers represent the grade, and g30 has slightly higher specifications than g10. For overseas, there is also an intermediate “g20”.

Moto G10 and G30

Moto G10 and G30


 First, let’s check the difference in the specifications of g10 and g30.

moto g10

  • Price …… 9,499 INR
  • Processor …… Snapdragon 460 (1.8GHz 8 cores)
  • Main memory / storage …… 4GB / 64GB
  • Out-camera …… Main (48 million pixels) + Super wide-angle (8 million pixels) + Macro (2 million pixels + Depth sensor (2 million pixels))
  • In-camera …… 8 million pixels
  • Charger …… 10W charger included
  • Size …… 75.73 (width) x 165.22 (height) x 9.19 (depth) mm
  • Weight …… 180 grams

moto g30

  • Price …… 10,990 INR
  • Processor …… Snapdragon 662 (2.0GHz 8 cores)
  • Main memory / stray …… 4GB / 128GB
  • Out-camera …… Main (64 million pixels) + Super wide-angle (8 million pixels) + Macro (2 million pixels) + Depth sensor (2 million pixels)
  • In-camera …… 13 million pixels
  • Charger …… 20W TurboPower charger included
  • Size …… 75.73 (width) x 165.22 (height) x 9.14 (depth) mm
  • Weight …… 200g

Both are equipped with a 6.5-inch IPS liquid crystal display and have a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels. The size is the same, and there are many parts in common with the design. The big difference is the processor, storage capacity, and main camera specs. The price difference is only 4000 yen, so many people may be wondering which one to choose.

“moto g10” and “moto g30” 2021 How different with design?

The design is almost the same, but the texture of the back panel is different

The two models are also very similar in design. It is almost the same when viewed from the front, and the in-camera is mounted on the drop-shaped notch. The display specifications are the same, but when compared with the default settings at maximum brightness, the g30 was slightly more bluish and the g10 was displayed yellowish. However, the difference is not enough to affect visibility. The “refresh rate” of g30 can be set, and it can be set to 90Hz.

moto g10 and moto g30
  moto g10
moto g10 and moto g30
  moto g30
images 2
The left is g30 and the right is g10. The impression that g30 has strong contrast
Only g30 can select the refresh rate. g10 is 60Hz

Both models are equipped with an assistant key, volume key, and Power key on the right side. Equipped with a SIM / microSD slot on the left side, the microSD will be used exclusively with the second SIM. It has an earphone jack on the top and a USB Type-C port and speaker on the bottom. The subtle difference is that the g30 has microphones on both the top and bottom. Since the g10 is only at the bottom, the g30 will be advantageous for video recording and recording.

moto g10 and moto g30
The left is g30 and the right is g10. Both are equipped with an assistant key, volume key, and power key from the top
moto g10 and moto g30
Equipped with a SIM slot on the left side
moto g10 and moto g30
Two nanoSIMs can be installed and DSDV (Dual SIM Dual VoLTE) is supported. microSD (maximum 512GB) will be used exclusively
moto g10 and moto g30
The top is g10 and the bottom is g30. Both are equipped with earphone jacks at the top. However, earphones are not included. The g30 also has a microphone here
moto g10 and moto g30
The top is g30 and the bottom is g10. The specifications of the bottom are common. Equipped with USB Type-C port, microphone, and speaker. The built-in speaker is monaural, but it can produce a decent volume.

 The back panel has the same camera design and fingerprint sensor as the Motorola logo, but the texture of the panel is different. The g10 has a wavy line design and an uneven design. The g30 is a gradation paint, and the design looks rich, with the expression changing depending on how the light hits it.

moto g10 and moto g30
The back panel of the g10 has a wavy pattern. In addition to this Sakura Pearl, Aurora Gray is also available for Karabari.
moto g10 and moto g30
The back panel of the g30 gives off a subdued luster with gradation colors. In addition to this dark pearl, Karabari has a pastel sky.

Which one you can choose-


There is no difference in usability, and convenient “Moto action”

The initial OS for both g10 and g30 is Android 11. Motorola’s smartphones are equipped with Android with almost no customization. The g10 and g30 home apps were also close to pure Android, simple, and easy to use.

Motorola’s unique features allow you to check the features in the preset “Moto” app on the home screen and enable what you need. The “Moto Action”, which is popular with users of conventional models, is also inherited. For example, twisting the device twice activates the camera, and twisting it further switches to the in-camera. The ability to turn the light on and off by shaking it twice is also useful.

In addition to fingerprint authentication, biometric authentication can also be face authentication using an in-camera. It is a time when masks are required to be worn, and fingerprint authentication will be mainly used, but face authentication is convenient for those who want to release it more quickly. You can also set it to unlock by simply lifting the terminal and turning your face from the screen-off state.

Performance is slight, battery life is equal

There is a clear difference between the processors, the g10 is the entry-level Snapdragon 460 and the g30 is the mid-range Snapdragon 662. There was a certain difference in the benchmark test scores, but I felt that there was not much difference in the actual usability.

moto g10 and moto g30moto g10 and moto g30
As a result of measuring the g10 benchmark with an app called “Geekbench 5” (photo = left), the g30 benchmark score. It exceeded g10, but it is not a big difference (photo = right)


Launching and switching apps does not seem to be “quick and light”, but it responds to the extent that you do not feel stress. Unless you’re doing a lot of work, you shouldn’t feel inconvenienced.

In my opinion, the Moto G10 Power is suitable for those who want more than just a basic smartphone, especially for those who are always concerned about hunting for a power socket. while The Moto G30 is a capable phone and has all the traits of a worthy budget-focused smartphone. It offers a decent set of cameras, reasonable performance, good battery life, clean software, and an impressive 90Hz screen. The niggles include slow shutter times with the night mode, a missing dedicated slot for the microSD card, and the heavyweight. The recently-released Redmi Note 10 can offer better features such as a Super AMOLED panel, a better quad-camera setup, exquisite design, faster-charging speeds, an IR blaster, superior performance, and a dedicated microSD card slot, all of which is available for a price of Rs 11,999. However, the 90Hz refresh rate and the cleaner software make the Moto G30 worth a closer look.