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Instagram gets a feature that many people have been waiting for

Instagram gets a feature that many people have been waiting for

A new tip suggests that desktop posting will be made possible by a new Instagram interface that will let users edit and post content easily.

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Instagram could soon let users post straight from the desktop After many years, Instagram will finally allow you to upload a photo from your computer. Functionality tests are ongoing. In its initial form, Instagram was a social application focused heavily on sharing photos on your phone with friends. That is why the development of the mobile application and the web browser is so far apart. Today, Instagram is not the same application anymore – amazing marketing budgets roll through instagramers’ profiles, and the “influencers” themselves are constantly working to beat each other in terms of the quality of added photos. For obvious reasons, there is no longer any question of adding photos to the website directly from a smartphone – here are professional SLR cameras and often hours of post-production processing. However, if the photo is ready to be uploaded to the web, you still need to use the mobile application for this, because the web application does not allow you to upload the photo. Instagram will allow you to upload photos from your computer As reported by Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is currently working on a feature that will bring the web and mobile clients much closer in terms of functionality. Until now, everyone who wanted to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer had to use special plugins or convert the website to the mobile version in the browser. Of course, neither of these options was very convenient, so the ability to upload photos from a computer or laptop has been a subject of debate in the environment for some time. Looking at what the wizard looks like, we can clearly see that it is still quite poor and lacks some functions from the application. However, it is enough for the most basic applications and I think a lot of people will appreciate this feature. People who professionally run profiles and company accounts on Instagram, i.e. the so-called “Social media ninja” – I think it will make their job much easier. Unfortunately – as Alessandro reports – we should not expect the function in the near future. It is not known when Instagram intends to introduce it.