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How to buy home security device, what should it be in 2021?

How to buy home security device, what should it be in 2021?

A (smart lock) home security )transforms a traditional lock into a keyless entry door lock to your home. Most smart locks connect to your home’s WiFi and are easy to lock and unlock using a touchscreen pin code or the lock’s mobile app. You’ll be able to unlock your door when you’re outside your home if your hands are full or give visitors access if you’re away. 

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What is Home security device and how to buy in 2021?

We will learn in this blog about what is the benefit of the Home security device and how to buy it in 2021?

 A home security device transforms a traditional lock into a keyless entry door lock to your home.

Most smart locks connect to your home’s WiFi and are easy to lock and unlock using a touchscreen pin code or the lock’s mobile app.

You’ll be able to unlock your door when you’re outside your home if your hands are full or give visitors access if you’re away.

Understanding the Different Types of home security Device

There are many types of smart locks to choose from. Commonly, there are two types of smart locks – a touchscreen or a mechanical keypad.

A touchscreen smart lock allows you to enter your code on a screen.

The best touchscreen smart locks are fingerprint-resistant to keep criminals from guessing your code using a keypad with worn numbers that could be your code.

Some touchscreen keypads also include biometric fingerprint entry to open your door using your finger.

On the other hand, keypad smart locks use a button-press system to enter your code to

lock and unlock your door. Keep in mind that it’s more likely for some of the numbers to easily become worn.

On the bright side, most mechanical keypad locks include a traditional keyhole to unlock and lock your door as you usually would if you’d like.

The Benefits of home security Device

Smart locks are the first step to keeping your home protected without worry.
You’ll be able to leave home without wondering whether or not you left the door unlocked,
or where you last had your keys. With many varying options and features to choose from, there are a few big benefits to expect.

Keyless entry

With smart locks, you’ll be able to lock the door and throw away the key.

Smart door locks are designed to be convenient but provide extra security keyless entry such as passcodes, fingerprints,

And unlocking the door using your smartphone. Your guests will even have easy access to your home when you give them a securely generated passcode specially created for their use.

Extra safety and security

Thieves will have a harder time cracking your passcodes and breaking through sturdy bump proof structures.

They may find it harder to pry your door open than most traditional locks.

Most smart door locks even have extra measures to shuffle your code immediately after entry or

Add extra digits before and after the code. And with your smartphone, you’ll always have comfort in knowing who comes and goes with instant mobile notifications.

Pairing your smart lock with your Amazon Alexa, smart security system or lights will give you extra control with the touch of a button even when you’re away.

Check out our Buyers Guide for Home Automation Products to learn how interconnectivity is key throughout your smart home.

Biometric entry

The best smart locks use your fingerprint to lock and unlock your door on a touchscreen.

Voice commands

Many of today’s smart locks work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to tell your voice assistant to lock or unlock your door hands-free.

Back-lit keypad

When you arrive home at night, your smart lock should include a backlight to illuminate the numbers and make it easy to unlock your door.

Multiple ways to lock and unlock

You should be able to unlock and lock your door using the keypad, your smartphone, fingerprint, or other ways for easy accessibility.

Automatic door lock

Some smart locks can be programmed to automatically lock behind you in case you forget so your home will always be secure

What is a Smart Lock?

Home Security device Buyer’s Guide 2021

Anti-theft smart door locks benefit

Intruders often have a harder time opening smart locks for a few reasons. High-tech anti-theft features often make it tough to invade.

Lock bumping is a popular intrusion method that opens the door by aggressively pushing or bumping against the door with force to open it.

With smart locks, the smart door lock includes bump proof mechanisms such as a built-in small, sturdy bar to make the lock bump proof.

Consider investing in a smart lock that acts as a deadbolt. Deadbolt door locks are known to be sturdier than locks with latches with springs.

They extend the door frame protection with extra heavy metal built-in. Deadbolts often require a key to unlock,

While other locks can easily be unlocked using a doorknob or sliding latch.

Simply put, if you’ve installed both a latch lock and a deadbolt on one door,

Intruders may be able to unlock the latch a little easier, but the door won’t open because,

The deadbolt door lock requires a key on the outside to unlock the door – even while twisting the doorknob.

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Bluetooth vs. Z-wave smart locks

Bluetooth smart locks are often the best low-power wireless connection options,

But keep in mind that Bluetooth technology is designed to work over short distances before disconnecting.

The same is for smart door locks that are Bluetooth enabled. Thankfully, Bluetooth smart locks often include a mobile app for convenient remote control.

Z-wave connected smart locks require a bit more to enable smart tech features.

They require a hub that is often included with the smart lock. You’ll want to sit the hub close to your door inside your home to send Z-wave’s

Low-power radio waves and connect to your home internet to transmit and convert the radio waves.

The biggest benefit of a Z-wave is that it’s specially designed to connect smart home devices. For smart door locks, a Z-wave hub,

Will give you the remote access needed to double-check your door and control other features using your smartphone and a mobile app.

Owning vs. renting

Picking the perfect smart lock boils down to whether you’re buying or renting your home.

Some smart locks require professional installation that property managers may not all since installation requires drilling and removing the original lock.

If you’re renting your home, consider a deadbolt smart door lock that works with the existing lock.

These are often battery-operated, connect to Wi-Fi and only require one screwdriver for clean installation and removal. Our Best of the Best Smart Lock is a popular option.

Homeowners have more smart door lock options to choose from.

You’ll be able to choose a style that works best for your home and door without being limited by installation.

You’ll have the power to remove the existing lock and mount the new smart lock you choose. But,

If you’re looking for easy-to-install locks without removing your current lock, consider a smart lock conversion kit to turn your traditional lock into a smart door lock.

Trade the interior of your lock, and for the converter smart lock’s design and continue the smart lock set up as normal.

Now that you understand the ins and outs of smart door locks you’ll be able to pick the one that’s best for you with ease.

Next, take what you’ve learned from our experts to pick the best smart lock for your home.

Home Security FAQs


Simply put, a smart lock replaces traditional door locks and keys with an electronic lock with smart tech features for improved security and safety.

Smart locks are connected to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or low-power radio waves known as Z-wave technology to control the smart lock.

They’re often battery-operated for low-energy consumption and easily installed since they’re wire-free. Once the smart lock is powered up,

You’ll connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi to lock and unlock your door. Smart locks can also be connected to a full home security system for added surveillance.

Smart locks offer many options to lock and unlock doors.

The most popular key-free entries are passcodes, key fobs, and smartphone controls. Passcodes allow you to enter a series of numbers to open the door.

The best digital door locks allow you to create multiple passcodes for each family member.

They also include anti-theft features to confuse thieves that may try to memorize the code to intrude.

Key fobs are the most popular smart locks used by property managers managing rental properties.

There’s less worry about the master key because key fobs allow you to program any fob to fit each property,

And disable the key if tenants change or the key is lost. To unlock the door, simply press the key fob against the lock and open the door as instructed by the provider.

Key fob smart door locks are also popular for homeowners.

Lastly, smartphones now have the power to open doors using the provider’s mobile app.

Simply use the app to open the door without needing a key.

Some digital door locks also allow voice commands from Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant,

Or Siri to open the door for convenience. Other smart lock options include fingerprint, radio frequency identification (RFID) badges,

And even face recognition for extra security.

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